It's All About Efficiency: Moving Tips To Get Done Faster

Few people think that moving is fun. Chances are, it's a task you wish you did not have to tackle, and therefore one you want to get over with as fast as possible. The key to success is not to get caught up in the little details and to focus on efficiency with every action. To that end, here are five efficiency tips that will help you whisk through the moving process ASAP.

1. Toss anything you don't need aside.

Packing items takes time! The more you bring with you, the more boxes you will have to carry—and the more things you'll have to unpack and find a place for. Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of extras as you pack is to keep a big tote box in the middle of each room as you pack. As you find things you no longer want or need, just toss them in the box. Later on, when the box is full, you can spend a few minutes sorting through the items. Throw away anything that is junk, and drop the entire rest of the box off at your local thrift store. Don't forget to grab a receipt so you can write the items off as a tax donation!

2. Don't get overzealous with your folding and organization.

Unless you are dealing with fragile items, which absolutely need to be wrapped, it's important not to be overly zealous with your organization and folding as you fill boxes. You can waste hours folding towels "just right" and they will still be wrinkly when you later unpack them. The most important thing is to get your items into boxes. Don't worry too much about how they are arranged in boxes unless they are breakable items.

3. Ask a few select friends for help.

Your instinct might be to ask as many people as you can for help with packing and moving. However, there is such a thing as having too much help. When you get too many helpers, your whole strategy can get disorganized and haphazard. The key is to keep your moving team small. A few trusted friends—preferably ones who are strong enough to lift boxes and carry furniture—is better than a whole crew of disorganized folks.

4. Buy all of your packing items at once.

Sure, you can save money by going from store to store to find free boxes and by waiting for super sales to buy tape and bubble wrap. But the savings will probably not be worth it if you spend 10 hours doing this! Instead, buy all of your boxes and other moving supplies in one place. There are stores that sell large packages that include everything you need to pack and move. These are an even better option.

5. Label quickly and effectively.

You can go crazy with your labeling methods, using color-coded indicators, fancy initials, and interesting codes to indicate what's in each box. But this takes time, which is something you do not have a lot of. Simply labeling each box by room with a plain black Sharpie marker is good enough. If there are specific items you need to find easily, you can put their names on the boxes. But don't waste time labeling each box with its specific contents, since you'll just be unpacking them all in a few days.

Why spend more time than you have to packing and moving? If you keep efficiency in the forefront, you will get there sooner—and before long, you'll be all settled in to your new home. Contact a moving company for additional information and advice.

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