Keep These Things In Mind When Moving A Pool Table

If you are organizing a move and a pool table is one of the items you need to move, then you should know that it demands special treatment. This is because a pool table is both heavy and delicate. Keep these things in mind to ensure the process is smooth and efficient:

You Need a Toolbox for Disassembly

The pool table needs to be disassembled first before shipment, and the disassembly requires some tools. Some of the tools you need include a power drill, socket wrench, staple remover, and screwdriver, among others. It is best if you already have these tools in your house or you can buy them if you plan to keep and use them in the future. Otherwise, let a professional moving company handle everything for you.

You Will Need Helpers

Disassembling and packing the pool table is a complex and tiring process, and you need several helpers to help you with the process. This is not something you can easily handle with just a friend or two; you need as many helpers as possible. At the very least, make sure you have four friends or family members to help you with the job.

You Need To Protect the Slates at All Times

The slate is one of the most fragile parts of the pool table, and you need to handle it with care at all times. Utmost care for the slates particularly needed during the removal and loading phases of the move. Don't forget that the slates are also rather heavy, which is another thing that increases their risk of damage. Apart from having multiple people to handle the slates, you should also protect them by wrapping them up.

Know How You Will Move the Pool Out

If you have changed your home (or the room where the pool table is) since you brought in the pool table, then you should know how to get them out before the big day. Some pool tables are as long as nine feet long, and maneuvering them out of tight places can be a chore. Figure out how you will get them out before the big day.

You Need to Label All the Parts

Lastly, if you have ever disassembled any serious item, then you will know how easy it is to lose parts or forget the reverse process when the time comes for it. Therefore, have some boxes for carrying the small parts and label them so that you can find them easily when the time for assembly comes.

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