A Few Tips To Help You Choose Between Hiring A Moving Company And Doing It Yourself

The two biggest problems about moving your household are the work and the money. Packing up all your stuff, loading it onto a truck, unloading it, and finally putting everything away is a lot of work. Having the money for a security deposit, and the cost to move all your utilities can be hard on the pocketbook. Both of these issues come into play when you need to decide whether to hire a professional moving company or do everything yourself. Here are a few tips to think about while trying to make the choice.


If you have a lot of time to do the move, you might want to consider doing it yourself. You can pack up a few boxes everyday and take them to the new place. If you have a truck, you can even take some furniture over ad you empty it or find you can live without it until you make the move yourself. However, if you only have a day or two to move, you are going to need help. A moving company can come and have your entire house packed and moved in one day.


Unless you have friends or family that can help move the big things, you are going to need to hire someone to do it. Of course, if you are moving from a furnished place and only have your own, personal belongings, this may not be an issue. You should talk to the people who will be helping you far enough in advance, and keep reminding them, to be able to contact professionals if needed.


Many people feel that they cannot afford to hire professional movers. Then, when they do the move themselves they find out that it still costs quite a bit of money. You will have to buy packing materials, take time off work, pay for gas for the vehicle, and probably rent a moving truck.  Once you add up the costs of doing it yourself, you may find that hiring a professional is not much more expensive. Especially if you do all the packing and just have to pay to get everything on and off the truck.

Take some time to really think about how you want to move. Hiring a moving company will reduce the amount of stress involved with the change. That in itself may be enough reason to go with the professionals. 

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