Tips For Making Packing Easier When Moving During The Holidays

Sometimes, you can plan the most ideal time for a move. Usually, people pick spring or summer, as these have warmer weather and more dependable time off work. However, sometimes, you're forced to pack up and move right in the middle of the winter holiday season. This time is already busy and stressful for most families.

To help make preparations for the move easier, here are some packing tips that can help make holiday moving simpler. 

1. Don't add to the load.

First of all, it's important that you don't add more to your packing list as you're getting ready to move. If you're moving before Christmas, for example, you might decide to save up your gift-buying budget to get gifts after the move, even though it will be more last minute. This way, you don't have to pack and move gifts and fear them being discovered early during the unpacking process.

If moving after a day of giving presents, you might consider planning "non material" gifts that still have value. For example, you might give your teen a membership to a local music venue, or buy a year membership to a zoo or children's museum if you have smaller children. These gifts bring enjoyment without adding to the load of packing. 

2. Delegate your traditions.

You might have beautiful holiday traditions that you normally enjoy during this special season. However, when your energies are focused on packing, you might not be able to fully engage in some traditions. For example, if you have a day where you bake a gingerbread house, assembling and decorating it together as family, you might need to plan this activity at the home of a friend or relative instead of doing it at your house. This way, you're free to pack up your kitchen items without needing anything for holiday baking. 

For a big Christmas dinner, accept invitations to spend the time with others. Pack your fine china or special dishes without fear of needing them. 

3. Pack decor and enjoy community events instead. 

You might also hesitate to pack items like outdoor lights and nativity scenes because these are part of your normal holiday experience. However, when moving, you don't want to put up lights and decor, only to have to take them down again for packing. Instead, you can pack everything and take the family out to view light displays in the community. You could also:

  • visit local churches for nativity presentations.
  • attend a lighting ceremony for the town.
  • go to parades or other shows.
  • visit stores that put up displays for children to enjoy. 

By basking in community events, you're free to pack like normal at home without feeling a void of holiday cheer. 

4. Save some of the best parts of the season for last. 

Even though you're working with utilities, phone companies, changing your address, and getting the moving day scheduled, you still want to leave a few boxes behind for some last-minute festivities. For example, you might simply put up a tree with lights (leave ornaments packed) to take down the night before you move. Leaving some good parts as the last things to pack can help families still feel the same spirit that comes with the season. 

5. Rent a storage unit.

To keep things less stressful and uncluttered, you might get a short-term storage unit and drive packed boxes away from the house. This way, moving day is more simple—moving everything from the unit, or even moving the unit in a pod-like moving style, can be less work at a very busy time. 

Contact moving companies in your area for additional advice.

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